I use powerful facts combined with concise writing and memory tricks to give you instant expertise with little effort

My Super-summaries will deliver 6 key benefits!

BENEFIT #1: Most writers use too many words. My Super-summaries will give you the value of a whole book in just a few sentences.

BENEFIT #2: Most people can’t remember what they read. My Super-summaries will make the info stick using memory tricks.

BENEFIT #3: My Super-summaries come in bite-size chunks. Easy to read, easy to remember.

BENEFIT #4: Not all facts are created equal. My Super-summaries will give you the good stuff! No wasted motion. No small subjects.

BENEFIT: #5: Be the person who knows all sides of every important controversy!

BENEFIT: #6: Expand your reputation as the person who knows things!

Perry Willis

All this, for just $1.99 a month. Try it! You can cancel at any time.


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